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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 19, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> greg: thanks to rob long, emily compagno, buy his book, fox news at nigh prince bin al salmon. thanks for watching "special an" >> laura: lock them up. that's the focus of tonight's angle. all right. rule of them, liberals don't care about crime, unless it's committed by people they don't like or people they disagree with, politically. remember, they threw the book at the j 6 defendants. many were given years in jail. >> the judge also gave him quite a significant sentence, believing it amounted to a crime
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of domestic terrorism, seditious conspiracy the judge gave him 12 years. >> prosecutors are recommending the toughest january 6th sentence to two members of the proud boys 33 years in prison. >> laura: now some of the 2020 blm rioters did some time but nothing like we are seeing here. because one protest was considered legitimate and moral. one illegitimate and immoral. now, the left accuses republicans of profiling criminals. but the truth is democrats are themselves master profilers. who can forget back in 2006 when a black woman accused three white duke lacrosse players of rape. they were prosecuted and their lives destroyed but ultimately they were all cleared of all charges only black team made nailed what charges first place telling good morning america that it was because of race. similar biases were on display
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more than 13 years later when the press was willing to come down on that covington catholic student nic sandmann whose moral crime was wearing that maga hat and looking forward when he was in town for the march for life. >> this face-to-face confrontation igniting charges of racism. >> a mob of ultra maga hat wearing students surrounding a native american. >> were kind of smirking at him and looking down their noses at him. >> why do we always do this in these sorts of cases when white boys are involved. we give privilege to these white kids. >> laura: of course if we were wearing a planned parenthood hat and glaring at some old pro-lifer, none of those people in the media would accused him of menacing looks or trying to intimidate an elderly activist. of course not. because it's all political. now, imagine if the video you are about to see involved two white teens laughing as they mowed down a black former police
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officer caution. this video is hard to watch. [laughing] >> laura: now, this happened more than a month ago. who thinks that it would have taken this long to release the video if the races of the alleged perpetrators and the victims were reversed? now, we all know the answer to that look, we still don't have the manifesto of that trans killer in nashville. we have been waiting for that. how convenient. crime is crime. crime should be treated as crime regardless of the race of the criminals or their victims: buts that not how the left sees it. that's not how they ever want to see it. this is part of the reason why things are spinning out of control theft billions of dollars are lost annually to
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scenes like this. and vicious cruel moments like this when two teens just decide to lash out for the hell of it. after years of demonizing police as racist. the left feels no responsibility whatsoever when police officers are either gunned down or run over as you saw earlier this that las vegas clip. they are just simply wearing uniforms or their past association as a police officer. this happened last week in l.a. >> he was just driving down the street and for no apparent reason and we are still looking into the specific reasons, somebody decided to shoot and murder him. i'm assuming at this point because he was in uniform.
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that, to me is sickening sickening all right. sickening is what we saw last week in new york where it's not just police who are being targeted but the vulnerable elderly. an 80-year-old man named mars leno and his wife were getting out of the car near their home in the bronx, when he was shot in the head and killed. looks like the murdering thug was just out trying to have some fun. the suspect who was dressed entirely in black, including a black ski mask, rode up next to him on the sidewalk, shot him twice one of the shots striking him point blank in the head. we have seen what more permissive approaches to crime did in the 1960s. upheaval plus spread of recreational drug use gave way to urban riots and rising crime. the violent crime rate in the 1960s increased 126% between
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1960 and 1970, according to the pretty liberal center for justice. but the fact is tough on crime policies worked when we had them and they were attacked, however, as racist and unjust. and then they were ultimately ditched in cities like new york. crime went up. now, leftist may have been pleasing in their conduct thrilled, they were thrilling the faculty at yale and colombia law school and pushed cities to pursue so-called bail reform or ending stop and frisk, but it's nothing but doing the opposite of what most people want. they are putting criminals back onto the streets the anti-law and order crowd is so. moving full steam ahead. illinois the first state in the nation to eliminate cash bail completely. this is chicago is still in the grips of violent crime. but radical politicians like the speaker of the house there
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emanuel chris welsh celebrate. >> we have heard a lot of falsehoods about this historic law. we heard a whole lot of racist dog whistles, too. and we're still hearing them. let's be clear, the pre-trial fairness act makes illinois a national leader in criminal justice reform and we are making our communities safer. >> laura: go off script for a moment. who thinks that going to make illinois safer. we will check back in a year. this is what is considered good news in chicago over the weekend. 24 people were shot but no reported homicides. that was only the second weekend that happened all year. but the fact is crime is going to continue to rise. and innocent people will continue to be victims of it until voters in urban america say enough is enough. until those suburban voters also decide that there is only one party out there that is putting racial politics ahead of safety and that's the democrat party.
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it's time to take a chance elsewhere. so i predict next year more women and more minorities will choose safety and sanity over dangerous virtue signaling. gosh, let's hope so. and that's the angle. joining me now is pastor corey brooks, ceo of project h.o.o.d. and james craig, former chief of the detroit police department. pastor brooks, good to see you don't. >> thank you. >> laura: what do you think will be accomplished by this virtue signaling today over cash bail which is something that soros supported politicians and prosecutors have been urging. >> i'm very concerned in the city of chicago dealing with a lot of violence and crime. the last thing we want to happen in the city of chicago is for criminals to be let back out on the streets so do these same crimes over and over again
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public safety is a big concern. any time you have these individuals entering back into society and haven't had an opportunity to pay for the penalty of their sins, of their crimes, excuse me, that's a serious situation. and public safety, we already are dealing with people who don't want to go and be witnesses. now some of those same individuals definitely are not going to be witnesses to crimes. knowing that the potential for an individual getting back out is very high. >> laura: i have got to say. we see what is happening all over the country in urban america. and the suburbs, too, we are seeing it. but, in las vegas, where we had that video final lie released and the running down of that police sheriff just ought out for a bike ride. a 17-year-old responsible, accused of killing him with a vic e. his vehicle. but we still don't know his name and that video took a month to release. now, james, your reaction to
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that, i mean, this was one of the sickest things i have seen and i have seen a lot of sick things, sadly over the years. covering these crimes. sad intouriating your reaction tonight? >> it's shameful these young evil individuals engaged in this kind of behavior, they are doing it because there are no consequences. you look at this and then the jurisdiction holds onto the video for, what, a month? that's not how you work with the media. i have to applaud the los angeles county sheriffs on how quick they got information out on that tragedy that happened involving that young deputy over the weekend. they got the information out and they were able to identify a person of custody and make the arrest let's talk about governor i want to be president newsom, who is a clown, i'm just going to say he is a clown. is he sitting saying is he going
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to throw money at we want to stop all this crime. really? it's not going to work. i told a fellow journalist of yours just yesterday i said bring me back on your show and i will guarantee you with the money they are putting into california to stop these flash mobs from retail theft it's not going to happen you said it best, laura at the beginning of your show, we need to put the right people in positions of leadership and pastor, i feel so bad for you in chicago, i love chicago because it's so close to detroit. i used to love to go there and shop. i won't go chicago. it's boarded up. miracle mile. you got this new mayor in here who talks about all the things is he going to do to correct the problem, nothing is going to be done. it's going to be more of the same. this is what they want. until we put the right people in leadership positions who have the intestinal fortitude to do what's right, this crime will continue. i'm going to end on this note.
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detroit in 2020 was one of the few large cities that didn't burn. you know, laura, detroit was the -- one of the few. chicago burned. l.a. burned. philadelphia, just to name a few. seattle, detroit didn't burn. but guess what? those same cities are experiencing high crime and level of violence. you have to ask yourself one question. detroit didn't burn and you we are not seeing what you are seeing in these other cities. >> laura: pastor brooks, i want to talk about these young men because the crime is overwhelmingly being committed by young males. we have talked about this before fatherlessness in the country. urban america, especially, how much of a problem has this been combined with the permissive approach to policing and the post floyd era that we are living in? >> absolutely, fatherlessness is a big issue. in our neighborhood, 80% of the households are single parent
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households where these individuals are trying to do their best to raise off the times, young boys. young boys who are growing up angry and hostile, because of the absence of a father and also at times the be a sense of mentors as a result we are seeing crime on any hand. anywhere you have impoverished neighborhoods and high level of fatherlessness, you are going to see a lot of crime today we broke ground. providing mentors and fathers of getting back in the lives of their young boys so that we can turn acts of violence and poverty around. this cycle is going to continue all across america if we don't do something about the fact that so many young people are having babies out of wedlock. so many young people are some young fathers not being involved
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in the lives of their children. organizations, including churches that are not participating to make things better, providing the mentors that these young men need. we must do something. it's a all hands on deck approach if we are ever going to turn our communities around. >> laura: pastor brooks, james, thank you both. all right. america something invaded but biden's dhs is pretending this is part of a predictable hemispheric migration pattern yes that's what they're calling it. i'm sure climate change had something to do with it. texas governor dan patrick is here to respond, next.
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>> laura: for how many years has the biden administration been telling us that the border, it's closed? but, really? >> i want it be clear to folks in this region thinking about making that dangerous trek to that the united states, mexico border. do not come. [shouting] >> the message is very clear: the border is not open. [cheers] >> the president has done more
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to secure the border and deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else. he really has. >> they went rush into the water and crossed illegally right into eagle pass over 204,500 of them according to our sources. these migrants continue to have no fear of consequences. >> my message is this: do not, do not just show up at the border. >> it's no problem. if i flew to chicago. >> laura: that's impeachable conduct. okay? joining us now texas lt. governor dan patrick. we hear this is impeachable. that's impeachable. what has happened to our country over the past three years of joe biden in my mind, there is nothing more damaging to the future of this country, not even what happened with hunter, the money flow, and all that than what we have been seeing over the last whatever, two and three quarters' years. your reaction tonight? >> laura, i was thinking
1:21 am
thinking during the break i have been on with you countless times over the last two and a half years since biden has been president. they have been lying to us the entire time. they think the american public is just stupid. what i look at it is there is nothing more dangerous than a politician who lies but what is really worse when they know you know they are lying and they don't care what you think they don't care what you think. everybody knows the border is wide open. since he came into office 6.5-million-dollar people apprehended. another million got-aways, that's 7. he has another year and a half to go, left. that means there will be another 2 million. that's about 8 or 9 million. that doesn't count, laura, the people that we don't catch. we don't catch them all. so you are talking about 10, 11, 12 to 15 million people that have come here. this is his agenda to destroy this country and he lies to us every day and he doesn't care
1:22 am
because the means are the end and that's to destroy this country and that's what he is doing and we got to get him out of office in '24. >> laura: well, the media are complicit, are they not? >> absolutely. >> laura: mr. lieutenant governor? because they know what's happening and they will be sporadic reports here and there. but it's not -- if this was something they really wanted to shut down from a media perspective pari put the pressun the white house, right? not never before in the history of our country have we seen scenes like this. never before in the history of america. >> this is a slow rolling invasion meant to completely change the nature of this country has nothing to do with race. has nothing to do with ethnicity. has everything to do with politics. because everybody else is onto the democrats. they are coming around to the democrats. >> laura, we are now biden administration 12 and 15% of the
1:23 am
population will be here illegally. the media is complicit because they are part of the propaganda machine that's allowing it to happen. when a republican takes office in 2024 and i believe they will, this border will be shut down in a week. you just turn it over to texas. we will get it done for you. just give us the job. we know how to do it. and we have to stop this, laura, because we are losing the country. >> laura: biden wants to keep the migrants in texas because remain in mexico, we couldn't do that heaven forbid we actually keep people in mexico. is he happy to say oh, no, we will keep them in texas to protected the precious new york city and boston and chicago and oakland. so, what about that? >> we have lots of buses, laura. laura, we have lots more buses to send. we're not going to let them stay here in texas. and when i say that it's 10% to 15% of the population. that's what people are seeing all over the country. these illegal immigrants are everywhere. they are everywhere. and everyone is seeing it.
1:24 am
biden don't think what democrats think of red states. is he a pawn in the markist socialist left that want to destroy this country. these people are coming here in bad health. they are not highly educated they don't know our history. they are just coming here because biden says don't come. don't come. don't get in the river. don't jump in the river. you have might drown. come on, come on. that's what he is doing. we all see through it. that's why he is going to be out of office on his rear end in 2024. >> laura: deported 90% of them or more is going to be deported. going to deport like 10 million people. now more like 30 million people. >> that's what they know how hard that will be. it will be hard. but we're going to have to face up and we're going to have to have our country border secured. we'll have to take back our country and we will have to work through all these people who are here. you know, think about it, laura, they are just dumping them on the streets. what kind of policy 2,000 people a day are crossing in. certain parts of the border. they just dump them on the
1:25 am
streets. what happens to these people? who feeds them? who employs them? what social security number do they have? >> laura: u.s. taxpayers. >> can't get a job. we are footing the bill. >> laura: martha's vineyard couldn't keep 50. get rid of them and send them to boston. good to see you. thank you. hunter biden is trying to play the victim oversight committee chair james comer is here next. he'll explain it if we want a more viable future for our kids, we need to find more sustainable ways of doing things. america's plastic makers are investing billions of dollars in new technologies and creating plastic products that are more recyclable. durable. and dependable. our goal is a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come. for a better tomorrow, we're focused on making plastics better today.
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1:31 am
now, the guy who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from anonymous buyers for his blow art wants a thousand dollars in damages for each and every unauthorized disclosure of his tax return. joining us now chairman of the house oversight committee james comer. congressman, good to see you don't. now, hunter's attorneys are saying that the whistleblowers do not have the traditional immunity from civil suit because of their supposed wrongful conduct against him. your response? >> well, that is simply not true. the whistleblowers have protected whistleblower protection. democrats in congress used to care about that they use to file bills and pass bills to encourage whistleblowers to come forward. that's exactly what the two brave whistleblowers did who testified before my house oversight committee. but what we are seeing now in real life form is witness intimidation by the biden legal
1:32 am
team. they want to send a message to any other potential whistleblowers out there do not cooperate with this house oversight committee, this investigation or we will sue you and see that you are liable and have to pay out your entire life savings for simply telling the truth. >> congressman, also on a separate note, abbe lowell, one of hunter biden's attorneys is out there claiming that you're being dishonest in one of your requests about this february issue of hunter's bank records, which you claim that they never responded to but he is saying that hunter's legal team did responded next day saying in part i would offer to sit with you and your staff to see whether mr. biden has information that may inform some legitimate legislative purpose and be helpful to the committee but you never responded to that offer. what's the real story here, congressman? >> the real story is we asked
1:33 am
for bank records and he wanted to come in and offered to patronize and waste taxpayer dollars by tying up legal fees couldn't understand why we were asking him. he wanted to note legislative intent when everyone in america knows that the biden family is taken in over $20 million from foreign oligarch and they can't see a single thing they did to earn this money if joe biden wants to do what he said he was going to do when he ran for president and be the most transparent president in america can he comply with our simple request. if he's innocent, then he will make us look bad. but instead of complying with our request, and be transparent with his personal finances, he set up a war room in the white house. he is suing whistleblowers who have bravely come forward to tell the truth about how their credible investigation was obstructed and they continued to do everything in their power to
1:34 am
obstruct this investigation. >> laura: meanwhile it looks like hakeem jeffries saying there is a civil war, congressman, brewing over the impeachment question. check this out. >> there are no facts on the record to suggest that president biden engaged in impeachable offenses. this is an illegitimate impeachment inquiry. it's a product of the house republican civil war. quickly, com, your reaction. >> there no civil war. we are having a lot of challenging discussions about how to fund the government moving forward. but, with respect to the impeachment inquiry, there is overwhelming support in the house of representatives among the republican conference to conduct this investigation. we have proven mountains of evidence that this family has broken many laws and that joe biden was front and center also support in the senate. jim jordan and i spoke to the
1:35 am
senators at weekly luncheon. majority of senators were excited and encouraging about our investigation. >> laura: well, mitch mcconnell cares about ukraine. congressman, good to see. thank you. >> tina, you're wearing sweatpants. it's monday. >> so? >> so that's against the rules and you can't sit with us. >> whatever, those rules aren't real. >> laura: well, they aren't real on capitol hill either. now by now you have heard that the senate is no longer enforcing its own dress code. the senators can wear whatever they want, including the standard fehrman uniform a hoodie and gym shorts. >> i mean, i feel it's, you know, a little more freedom which should be bipartisanship, you know what i'm saying but i don't know why the right side seems to be losing their minds over it like aw dogs and cats are living together and like the world is spinning off its axis. but i think it's a good thing. >> laura: of course, this is all about lowering the bar for fetterman. but the point here isn't the dress code, really.
1:36 am
it's that pennsylvania has a senator who literally refuses to dress like an adult when he represents adults. >> i think it's actually quite induring. he wants to be comfortable. he is not comfortable. >> not everyone has a suit. he will wear shorts as much as he can. when he has to wear a suit he will wear a suit. >> laura: how many times has he actually done that any time we see he is standing at a podium he looks like he just got done working out. you don't dress up in court or in the senate or any professional setting to make yourself feel better. you do it out of respect because you have a better chance of persuading people to do what you want them to do when you look and act respectfully. wearing a suit shows a certain amount of respect for the process and other people in your workplace. when you don't show that respect, you are signaling that you just are not serious. >> we might be seeing more of john fetterman's hoodies and shorts on the senate floor. >> yeah. i think this is a step forward. i just don't understand why you have to do the business of
1:37 am
congress, which, you know, incredibly long hours, incredibly demanding, i don't think it requires a suit. >> laura: why isn't she just wearing a bathing suit on tv then probably more comfortable. fetterman indicated to fellow senators that he can't do his job without special accommodations that act in and of itself is going to cause fellow senators to take him less seriously if that is even possible. that's not because the senators are bad people or because they are mean or because they don't care about people who suffer from whatever condition oppresses him. it's simply an act of human psychology. if anyone else is following the rules and you say that you can't or won't mommy are going to take you less seriously. suit or not, fetterman can still hope schumer and biden. can he vote how they tell him to vote and do what they tell him to do. can he still help the media and still vote for whatever causes they want limb to vote for around they will keep helping him as long as they can. but, for you pennsylvanians out
1:38 am
there. he can't help and wearing hoodie won't change that fetterman is not capable of brokering big deals with other members or doing the type of work that voters expect of their senators. because he, like someone like dianne feinstein is simply another voted for chuck schumer to cast. however he sees fit. now, pennsylvania deserves a heck of a lot better. of course, fehrman supporters in the media. they promised the voters of pennsylvania that none of this would happen. they promised that senator fetterman could be just as productive just as effective as any other senator out out there. it is not true. it was never going to be true. the whole thing is outrageous. i'm not going to waste my time waiting for any apology. here's another thought. schumer now has as much power as any senator that i can ever remember. and i have been here a long time. he cast three votes his own, plus the votes of feinstein and fetterman.
1:39 am
no one in his caucus ever disagrees with him at least not publicly. at least 35 republicans remain under mcconnell's thumb as well and mcconnell he is doing everything he can to help schumer beat trump and the house republicans. schumer's enormous power is at the root of almost every major problem we face today. none of the things we care about from the woke military to the war in ukraine to what we talked about earlier with dan patrick, the open border nightmare that we are all dealing with this never ending budget deficit. none of that is going to improve as long as the senate is just a rubber stamp for chuck schumer. republicans have almost 50 seats now in the senate. and every one of those people were elected on the grounds that they would form an effective opposition to chuck schumer, an effective opposition to the democrats. but, instead, sadly, unbelievably, most of them are still focused on fighting people like, i don't know, marjorie taylor greene, vivek ramaswamy,
1:40 am
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>> laura: time for "seen and unseen" segment. for that we turn fox news contributor raymond arroyo. elected officials they continue to embarrass themselves in public. laura you remember gavin newsom breaking own covid rules and going to a fancy restaurant with friends and then democratic mayor of new orleans la latoya cantrell outed with a local tv affiliate cohabitating in a city owned apartment. well now. republican republican congresswoman lauren boebert wants. caught in compromising. thrown out of a theater snapping pictures during a show. vaping on patrons and getting handsy with her boyfriend. to top it off gave usher middle finger salute as she was ushered out of the theater. bawsht gets kicked out of the denver theater, you know, but there have been many other
1:46 am
politicians who have been caught in similar situations. >> laura: raymond, it seems like they get the video out really fast when it's a republican, right? there is no hesitation about releasing or dump ago video out when it's some republican who has done something goofy, stupid or embarrassing but heaven forbid you have a democrat i do something, it usually takes forever to get that video out. >> look, i'm an equal opportunity reporter here on this stuff. if we're going to argue that you need a code of dress and i think you do, you need a code of conduct, too. you are the congresswoman of colorado. not meghan the stallion. so, slow your roll. have some self-restraint. it's going to be a very difficult re-election season for her, i think. in the midst of this ongoing actors and writers strike, laura. drew bare more to great fanfare announced she and her show would be returning to the air this week there was a lot of backlash but still drew pressed on now
1:47 am
deleted video. >> explained why she was starting her show amid the duel strikes. >> thought if we could go on during during a global pandemic and everything that the world has experienced through 2020, why would this sideline us? >> well, apparently the striking writers and actors have now sidelined her. she is giving everyone strike whiplash. >> the show was on and after all of that today she said she is hitting the pause button and not violate the strike. bill maher followed suit. >> laura: not sherri shepard, right? >> the sherri show is not a wga show. we have not employed wga writers so us coming back to work is not crossing the picket line. i write my jokes. i'm the writer. and i'm not in the wga. >> you know what is irritating about this, laura, there is a show that the writers guild has a contract with that has been on the air for months and they are not getting any grief.
1:48 am
this one, "the view," "the view" has been on since may when this strike started. and they continue to just carry on. and they get no lack bash. it's all thrown toward drew bear more this is important strike for many reasons. >> laura: why is "the view" is it considered a news show? >> they said they had two writers and they are not doing any writing. they are doing it all themselves. i find it hard though believe. you know when a.i. is on the line and streaming rights. it's important for people to stand together in our business. no matter what facet of it you occupy. this is silly. pope francis, by the way, joined bill clinton. i know you were watching, this laura, to quick off the clinton global initiative technology is apparently not part of that initiative. gracias. >> thank you, mr. president. [laughter] >> laura: everybody has trouble
1:49 am
with that one. >> the pope offered this uplifting spiritual message. listen. >> it's time to work together to stop the ecological catastrophe before it's too late. >> thank you. [applause] >> bless you. you make us all feel empowered and, perhaps, that is your greatest power as the pope. [laughter] >> laura: that's his greatest power? >> laura, what do you say? >> laura: that's his greatest power as a pope to make bill clinton feel good about the climate? is that in between all the flights he does on private planes? >> you know, the climate, laura, this is a prudential judgment whether you believe the climate is heeding heating up or not. what is striking of these two bill clinton was the only person who quoted the scriptures during that back and forth and jesus christ was never uttered. we have a problem.
1:50 am
the initiative is needed. >> laura: has the pope taken china to task all those chinese cardinals that had to taken them to tank about their little issues with the climate or only reserved to the evil doers in the west? i'm not positive on that? >> a very good point. i'm going to pray on that right now, laura, as i go into this break. >> laura: okay. ray, offer it up. >> i will let you know what i discover. >> laura: okay. is ohio about to go up in smoke? not if my next guest actor and film producer from a celebrity family can hel
1:51 am
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>> there's been a lot of talk about a proposed constitutional amendment accessing abortion in ohio, but not enough attention to another on the ballot, legalizing recreational use of marijuana. if they pass it in november, ohio is the 24th
1:56 am
state to make smoking weed legal. my next guest dealt with addiction most of his life. jim wallburg is making his mission. >> i smoked marijuana and it was a gateway drug for me. my life spiralled out of control. >> tim joins me now, film producer, director, author and brother to mark and donny wallburg. when did you start smoking pot and what exactly did it push your life toward? >> yeah. i mean, i probably started smoking pot when i was in sixth or seventh grade on a regular basis. it was very strong then, but what is being smoked now is like infinitely stronger. it is genetically and chemically altered, i believe, to create more
1:57 am
customers. so it definitely was a gateway drug for me, it led me onto more things which ultimately my life spiralled out of control, as the spot showed you, i spent a little time in prison, and what's happening now i feel like i didn't get a chance to speak up when it was happening in massachusetts and i have the opportunity now being a business owner in ohio that i want to speak up for my neighbors in ohio, for the kids of ohio, because i think big marijuana just like big tobacco, they're after our children, and i'm very concerned about it. >> when you get kids hooked on pot, look, when it is legalized, the message is like it is not that bad, a beer, maybe a little different, but not much. and the hollywood message is pot is fun and cool and harmless. but when you start smoking regularly as a young child, teenager, the
1:58 am
connection to psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression, not everybody, it is a significant uptick. talk about that a moment. >> absolutely. the thing is that when we were young, i know i'm much older than you, laura, but when we were young, there's always been marijuana in our lives. when i was a kid, there were two kinds of marijuana. there was like bad, cheap marijuana and really expensive marijuana. now there's 500 types of marijuana, different strains. they're selling you a product and telling you exactly how it is going to make you feel and what it is going to do to you, and yes, like you said, it is causing psychosis, causing mental illness to an astronomical degree. >> when you see people out on the streets when they're looking down, days from fetanyl or other horrific drugs, you have a chance to talk to addicts, almost all of them started
1:59 am
with weed. they say it is not a gateway drug. it is for people on fetanyl. they don't start on fetanyl. nobody. they start on weed and it goes and goes and goes. >> yeah. the thing is, not every person that smokes marijuana will have a needle in their arm someday, but every person in a needle in their arm, nine out of ten tell you they started with marijuana. >> how many people do you think today of young parents out there are really prepared for what's coming with this mass legalization effort and the money behind this push. we call it big weed. it is like big tobacco. >> big weed. >> i think it is bigger than big tobacco was in the day. >> well, you know, it's interesting, laura, big tobacco is heavily invested in big marijuana, right? they're switching from the cigarette business which is dying, right, and they're now heavily
2:00 am
invested in the marijuana business. and we know we can trust them, they didn't lie to us, try to kim us, didn't continually tell us that smoking was safe and that it wasn't the cigarettes, it was some other issue causing this massive amount of cancer and emphysema and everything else. >> thank you for being out th >> carley: president biden will address the un general assembly just hours from now. also speaking today, the president of iran. looming over both leaders is a prisoner swap, being scrutinized by both sides of the aisle. this is "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. one of the biggest concerns over the deal, the u.s. and allies will have to make clear iran and other countries will pay a


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